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SkyShield Services Luxury Roofs

  • Cedar Shake Roofs

    Natural beauty that ages with grace. More durable and long-lasting than asphalt shingles with extra insulation benefits.

    • Timeless look
    • Last 10 years longer than asphalt on average
    • Dense and thick
    • Resistant to strong winds, durable in severe storms
    • Energy efficient
    • Eco-friendly
    • Recyclable
    • May not be a good option in dryer areas prone to wildfires
    • Higher maintenance
  • Synthetic Shake Roofs

    Get the classic cedar shake look combined with the latest in design and technology and without the real-wood downsides.

    • Synthetic material molded to look like real wood
    • Lightweight
    • Lower maintenance
    • No organic material prone to decay
    • Easy to clean
    • Fire resistant
    • Resistant to high winds
    • 50-year limited warranty
    • Easier to insure
  • Synthetic Slate

    The beauty of nature produced to be stronger than nature. Get the old world look of slate without the weight.

    • High curb appeal
    • Natural “quarried slate” texture but lighter weight
    • Eco-friendly
    • Fire resistant
    • 50-year limited warranty
    • Easy to install
    • Impact resistant
    • No special substructure required