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    Big Questions: When Should You Hire an Appraiser?

    Sometimes, the process of dealing with roof damage is straightforward. You recognize the damage. You file a claim with your insurance. Your insurance company assesses the damage. You get your roof fixed. Other times, that process is… well, not that simple! Sometimes, you need more help to… Read More

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    Roof Leaks

    Common Roof Damage Issues In Georgia

    Atlanta area homes experience a wide variety of weather throughout the year. This causes stress to the average roof in numerous ways. How often do you need to maintain your roof and why? We recommend that every homeowner does a roof inspection and maintenance check every 3 to 5 years. Read More

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    Roof Maintenance

    How Soon Should Your New Roof Need Maintenance

    When Should You Have A New Roof Inspected? Replacing your roof can be quite costly and time-consuming. As a homeowner, your hope is that you don’t have to replace it again for the next 20-30 years Choosing the right roof elements is important and as long as you take… Read More

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    Charity Events

    Charity Events

    These are just a few charity events that we have participated in as a company Friends You Need “Fun Club” A+ Exteriors – SkyShield – $1500 Hole Sponsor. Pest Relief International Skyshield is donating $50K worth in material, labor, and other services for a children’s… Read More

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    Roof Damage Insurance Claim

    Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim for Roof Damage: What Your Insurance Isn’t Telling You About Roof Coverage Do you have a damaged roof? When it comes to residential roofs, often there are only two solutions to fixing damage: repair, or replacement. When that happens, it’s probably a good time… Read More